Important notice: Glen Abhainn Student Village is now accepting second semester payments. See bank transfer details below. 

Bank: AIB

Account name: Eastat Ltd

Account number: 46525323

Sort code: 93-70-96

IBAN: IE72AIBK93709646525323


For full payment policy, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a number of the most common questions asked when applying & staying at Glen Abhainn Village. If you can not find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

How do I apply for Accommodation?
  • Accommodation applications must be made Online through the Glen Abhainn website
  • You must have a valid email address at time of application
  • You must have your parent/guarantor’s phone number and email address
How much do I need to pay at time of Application?

A payment of €500.00 is to be made at the time of application.

Methods of payment accepted?

Payments can be made by bank transfer or bank draft made payable to Eastat Ltd.

I have made my application online, but I haven’t paid my deposit

If full payment of €500 is not made your application is not valid. This may result in your room preferences being unavailable by the time payment is received. The demand for student accommodation is extremely high at Glen Abhainn. Failure to pay the deposit will result in your room being forfeit.

What is the next step in securing my Accommodation?

Once your Online Application is made and deposit payment successfully received, we will then begin room allocations. The room type you may be offered will be dependent on availability. Please note that the allocation process takes place in August.

Do you take share requests?

If you have a friend you wish to share with, Glen Abhainn will endeavour (not guarantee) to accommodate you together once it is noted on both application forms. Please note we cannot guarantee all these requests.

Do I have to leave at Christmas and Easter?

No, the accommodation lasts for the duration of your Lease Agreement which is a period of 38 weeks.

What happens if I pay for accommodation and fail to be offered a place at Athlone Institute of Technology?

In the case where a student fails to be offered a place at Athlone Institute of Technology, €150.00 will be deducted and the balance refunded. You must cancel your reservation within 3 days of the first round CAO offers – IN WRITING ONLY. No refund will be made for cancellations after this date.

Can I book a room by telephone?

No, applications will be accepted through the website only.

Can I obtain the apartment number or room mates’ details before I move in?

No, the apartment details will be issued to you on arrival.

What do I need to bring?

Bed sheets, duvets, pillows and towels.

Can the Grant office pay for my fees directly to Glen Abhainn?

No, you must pay for your accommodation directly to Glen Abhainn before 31st August.

If you encounter any maintenance problems during your stay?

If you encounter any maintenance problems during your stay please report them by sending an email to Outstanding maintenance issues that go unreported, and result in excess damages may be payable by the tenant.

It is important that you ventilate your apartment on a regular basis, for the good of your health and also for the good of the property.

Noise Level

All students are to ensure that all stereo, radio, television appliances, music (live & recorded) and noise in general is kept at a level that will not disturb neighbours.  No noise should be audible between the hours 10pm-9am. Abuse of this clause may, at the discretion of the Management Company, and based on complaints from security and other residents, be grounds for termination of the Tenancy Agreement.


Keep the main door and access doors to the block closed at all times. Please close all doors quietly. If you notice any suspicious behaviour, please contact security immediately or ring the Gardaí 999/112.

Common Areas

Every effort should be made by all students to keep the common areas and ground clean and tidy. Students and visitors should keep all common areas clear of any obstructions – any such items will be removed.


Students are reminded that all balconies are to be maintained as an aesthetic feature and are not to be used as storage, for drying clothes or for parties/social gatherings. Any students found using the balcony for these purposes will be fined €200. No barbeques are permitted. No satellites dishes are permitted on any balcony, building roof, exterior wall or common area. Any residents found to have satellite dishes erected in these areas will be issued with a €200 fine.


It is the responsibility of all students to tie refuse bags securely and placed in the designated bins. Under no circumstances should any litter be left in the hallway, courtyard or any common areas.


Cars should be parked within the designated parking areas only. Cars parked in unauthorised spaces will be clamped. Parking of commercial vehicles is strictly prohibited.


It is prohibited to display notices or posters in windows, balconies or walls in the common areas.

Fire Preventsion

NOTE: All common areas are smoke free zones. If you are found to have interfered with the fire system in your apartment, you are affecting the integrity of the fire system and you will be fined €500. Students should not undertake any cooking in any other area except in the kitchen of their apartment and should not dispose of any materials in any sink or lavatory or otherwise so as to block any drains, pipes or sewers serving the student village. Care must be taken when using the equipment in the kitchen. Do not leave cooking unattended; ensure all equipment is turned off when finished.

Fixtures & Fittings

Students are required to keep all furniture, fixtures, fittings and appliances in good repair. Any damage to these items will be charged back to the students. Students are not permitted to affix any items to the walls or doors in the apartments with sticky tape.


Pets are not permitted. Any student found to have a pet in the apartment is in breach of their letting agreement and could lead to the termination of your tenancy at Glen Abhainn student village.

Callouts / Maintenance

Our maintenance team strive to have all repair issues in common areas assessed or completed within 72 Hours of callout. All students are reminded that they are responsible for the general up keep of the apartment.  Any unnecessary call out will be subjected to a €50 charge.